Libertarian Party NEWS

August 1996 


Steve Dasbach re-elected LP national chair

Promising to continue to build on the success the Libertarian Party has seen in the past three years, Steve Dasbach was re-elected national chair by a convincing margin.

Dasbach's campaign focused on record party membership, record fund raising, and record media coverage. "Building membership is the foundation of our future," he said.

"We need to remember we are a political party," Dasbach said. "Our goal is to become the majority party in the United States."

Dasbach also stressed the importance of 50-state ballot status and the need for more elected Libertarians. And, he said, "On the road to victory, we are not leaving any state behind."

Dasbach faced stiff competition from Gene Cisewski, chair of the Washington, DC, party. Cisewski had offered a different vision for the future of the LP, but he made it clear that the election was not "about throwing rascals out."

Following the election, where Dasbach received about 60 percent of the vote, Cisewski asked all delegates to join him in supporting Dasbach as national chair.

Karen Allard was re-elected national vice chair and Hugh Butler was re-elected national treasurer, both without opposition.

Gary Johnson of Texas had no opposition in his race for national secretary. Johnson replaces John Famularo, who did not seek re-election.