[1978 LNC Resolution]

I. To Educate
a. To introduce the public to libertarian ideas and programs.
b. To attract to our movement the type of intelligent, energetic,
dedicated individuals who are capable of changing society.
c. To educate our own members in developing their libertarian
commitment and in applying libertarian principles to real world
11. To Provide Political Activity for Libertarians
a. To provide the means for useful and important political activity for
libertarians to advance their cause in the real world.
b. To reinforce libertarians' commitment by finding other libertarians
in each area and helping them work together.
111. To Roll Back The State
a. By influencing people, media, voters, opinion-molders.
b. By pressuring politicians and other parties in a libertarian direction.
c. By getting ourselves elected in order to be in a position to dismantle
the State.
I. We must hold high the banner of pure principle, and never
compromise our goal-a world embodying the LP Statement of
Principles. We must work to achieve our pure goal. The moral imperative
of libertarian principle demands that tyranny, injustice, the absence of
full liberty, and violation of rights continue no longer.
Any intermediate demand must be treated, as it is in the LP platform,
as pending achievement of the pure goal and inferior to it. Therefore, any
such demand should be presented as leading toward our ultimate goal, not
as an end in itself.
Holding high our principles means avoiding completely the quagmire of
self-imposed, obligatory gradualism: We must avoid the view that, in the
name of fairness, abating suffering, or fulfilling expectations, we must
temporize and stall on the road to liberty. Achieving liberty must be our
overriding goal.
11. We must not commit ourselves to any particular order of
destatization, for that would be construed as our endorsing the
continuation of statism and the violation of rights. Since we must never
be in the position of advocating the continuation of tyranny, we should
accept any and all destatizing measures wherever and whenever we can.
111. The goal of liberty must always be the important consideration, not
organizations or activities themselves. In short, the means must never be
allowed to become ends in themselves.
IV. Since our goals and principles are radical enough, we should avoid
any extra alienation of people by the form of our presentation or by our
image. In short, our content should be embodied in an image appropriate
to our status as a national party aiming to become a new majority. We
must bear in mind, however, that we must always distinguish ourselves
from the conservative movement and emphasize that we are not on the
left-right political spectrum.
V. There should be no endorsement of candidates who are not
VI. A detailed study should be made of setting up guidelines for LP
candidates who will be elected to administrative or legislative offices.
Should they accept salaries, should they vote consistently on every
measure, etc?