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Why You Should Join The Libertarian Party

If you generally favor the Republican Party because it seems to support freedom of enterprise, you may be concerned because Republican policies also support many who stand for repression of personal liberty.

They support censorship, an interventionist foreign policy, involuntary servitude through conscription, subsidies for favored corporations, government secrecy, and arbitrary police powers.

If you generally support Democratic policies because they seem to favor personal freedoms, you may be concerned because the Democratic Party also is home for many who work to erode private property rights.

They support high taxes, arbitrary and unrestrained interference with the market place, welfare for favored voting blocs, and welfare for favored corporations.

If you are an independent voter you may swing back and forth between the two major parties. You may have wished that there could be a third party to reflect your concern both for freedom of the individual and for freedom of enterprise. You may believe that only a world of free people can be a world at peace.

There is one and only one political party that is founded upon an uncompromising belief that personal freedom and responsibility, the free market, and peace all go together. It's the third largest party in the land. It's the Libertarian Party.

Only the Libertarian Party, of all organized political parties in the United States, stands for and acts for personal liberty and responsibility, private property, and the free market.

Only the Libertarian Party is pledged to the proposition that force should never be initiated to advance a political or personal cause.

Only the Libertarian Party has stuck steadfastly to its basic principles.

Only the Libertarian Party offers the opportunity to run for public office on principles that call for shrinking rather than extending state power.

Only the Libertarian Party offers the chance to use the political system to protect against the political system itself.

Only the Libertarian Party stands for the individual against the coercion, the conquests, and the collectivism of arbitrary authority and institutions.

If you want to make your own way in the world... If you want to be free to practice charity rather than being forced to support government welfare... If you want to live in a society of free and volitional communities rather than an ant-heap world of government compounds... If you want to be fully responsible for your own actions... If you reject the initiation of force... If you're that kind of person you're already a libertarian in spirit. If you want to be politically active as well, then the Libertarian Party is your party.