[Excerpts printed in the "Vol 1 No 2" 1986 "Special Issue" of LP News]

Victimless Crimes

[Identical to 1990 plank]
Because only actions  that  infringe  on  the  rights  of  others  can
properly be termed  crimes, we favor the repeal of all federal, state,
and local laws  creating "crimes" without  victims.  In particular, we
a.   the  repeal   of  all  laws  prohibiting  the  production,  sale,
possession, or  use  of  drugs,  and  of  all  medicinal  prescription
requirements  for  the   purchase  of  vitamins,  drugs,  and  similar
b.  the repeal  of all laws restricting or prohibiting the use or sale
of alcohol, including  the imposition of  a minimum drinking age,  and
making bartenders or  hosts responsible for  the behavior of customers
and guests;
c.  the repeal  of all laws  or policies authorizing stopping  drivers
without probable cause to test for alcohol or drug use;
d.  the repeal  of all laws  regarding  consensual  sexual  relations,
including prostitution and  solicitation, and the  cessation of  state
oppression and harassment  of homosexual men  and women, that they, at
last, be accorded their full rights as individuals;
e.  the repeal  of all laws  regulating or prohibiting the possession,
use, sale, production,  or distribution of sexually explicit material,
independent  of  "socially   redeeming  value"  or   compliance   with
"community standards";
f.  the repeal of all laws regulating or prohibiting gambling; and
g.  the repeal  of all laws  interfering  with  the  right  to  commit
suicide as infringements of the ultimate right of an individual to his
or her own life.
We demand the  use of executive pardon to free and exonerate all those
presently incarcerated or  ever convicted solely for the commission of
these "crimes."
Further, we recognize  that, often, the  Federal Government blackmails
states which refuse to comply with these laws by withholding funds and
we applaud those states which refuse to be so coerced.

Military Policy

We recognize the necessity for maintaining a sufficient military force to defend the United States against aggression. We should reduce the overall cost and size of our total government defense establishment.

We call for the withdrawal of all American troops from bases abroad. In particular, we call for the removal of the U.S. Air Force as well as ground troops from the Korean peninsula.

We call for withdrawal from mulitalteral and bilateral commitments to military intervention (such as NATO and to South Korea) and for abandonment of interventionist doctrines (such as the Monroe Doctrine).

We view the mass-destruction potential of modern warfare as the greatest threat to the lives and liberties o f the American people and all the people of the globe. We favor international negotiations toward general and complete disarmament down to the police levels, provided every necessary precaution is taken to effectively protect the lives and the rights of the American people. Particularly important is the mutual disarmament of nuclear weapons and missiles, and other instruments of indiscriminate mass destruction of civilians.

Foreign Aid

["cartels" <=> "circles", otherwise identical to 1990 plank]
We  support  the  elimination  of  tax-supported  military,  economic,
technical,  and  scientific   aid  to  foreign  governments  or  other
organizations.  We support the abolition of government underwriting of
arms sales.  We  further support abolition  of federal  agencies  that
make American taxpayers  guarantors of export-related  loans, such  as
the Export-Import Bank  and the Commodity Credit Corporation.  We also
oppose the participation  of  the  U.S.  government  in  international
commodity  cartels which  restrict  production,  limit  technological
innovation, and raise prices.
We call for  the repeal of  all prohibitions on individuals  or  firms
contributing or selling  goods and services  to any foreign country or