Is there an issue?  Is it an issue to non-Libertarians?  It should be current, and relevant.

            The statement should control the debate rather than invite debate.       

            The issue should be stated from a Libertarian viewpoint rather than a liberal or conservative viewpoint.      

            The statement of the issue should recognize an infringement of rights or compromising of individual liberty.

            The issue should be stated in shirtsleeve English, not in libertarian or philosophical   jargon.

            The statement of the issue should recognize where government action has failed to accomplish an end goal, and if possible has worsened a social problem.



            The application of principle must be specific to the stated issue rather than a general comment on philosophy?

            The principle should state a right of individuals relevant to the issue.

            The statement of principle should be in language understandable by non-Libertarians?

            The statement of principle must recognize that human fallibility is acceptable, and must not pretend to overcome it.



            Solutions must be private sector solutions to social problems rather than public sector.

            Solutions must be implementable by individuals acting voluntarily.

            Solutions must depend on social power in the Nockian sense rather than political power.    

            Solutions must recognize that the social goal is desired by Libertarians, but must focus on changing the means rather than denying the ends.

            Solutions must positively state a solution rather than negatively demanding an end to the current government one. 

            Solutions must be realistic rather than utopian.



            Transitional steps must be reasonable and accomplish a step towards the solution outlined.           

            Transitional steps must be achievable, realistic, and be a modification of existing situations.

            Transitional steps must indicate what Libertarians would replace the current situation with.

            If the step is a repeal of legislation it should  be stated, “Repeal X in favor of…”

            Steps should tie to already accomplished previous steps where possible.