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This area, which is under construction, supplies interested readers with a large number of articles on libertarian political tactics and on political organizing methods. The major sections below are Methods (Divided into Major Documents and Newsletters and Specific Approaches), Issues and Answers (Divided into News Issues and Older Issues), Results, and Links to Elsewhere. Links to Elsewhere includes in particular the major material on organizing, some extremeely good, now being generated by liberal Democrats.


Major Documents and Newsletters

The Cisewski County Organizing Manual   The Guida Plan   Winning Elections  

The Success '99 Organizing Manual   Techniques for Effective Campaigning  

The Libertarian Volunteer Newsletter     Letters on Libertarian Strategy


Specific Approaches

The A-B-C-D-E of Successful Affiliates    Why Committees?   Making Necessary Noise  

No Free Lunch at the Ballot Box      Sample 1996 Policy Statement


Issues and Answers

Newer Issues

Bill of Rights Day      Good News -- Second Amendment Rights Improving


Older Issues

Freedom Is in a Downward Spiral      Libertarian Medical Solutions

Founders on the Second Amendment       1996-Starting the March Toward National ID Cards

Even in 1998     Laws Against Liberty

  DEA vs Press Freedom       FBI Domestic Spying Plans



2000 Campaign Results        More 2000 Campaign Results

1996 Massachusetts Votes    1998 New England Votes  


Links to Elsewhere


Various other groups -- recently, liberal Democrats -- finally realized that popular mobilization matters, and are generating material on organizing. Caution: These links take you off-site. Much of this material is very useful, no matter your political leanings.

Resistance School

The Harvard Kennedy School of Government organized this set of training sessions on doing politics. The sessions are How to Communicate our Values in Political Advocacy, How to Mobilize and Organize our Communities, How to Structure and Build Capacity for Action, and How to Sustain the Resistance Long-Term.

The Indivisible Guide

It is written as a guide to lobbying Congress, but it is mostly equally applicable to lobbying your state legislature. Included is much material on organizing. As a practical matter, lobbying your state legislature can actually work and is important, but lobbying Congress is mostly pointless; no minds will be changed.