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Committees--Cooperating to DO WOrk

Committees - Cooperating to Do Work

The following is from the Pioneer Valley Libertarian Association. Pit Warren ( made some excellent points about how real groups do real work. I've trimmed the names pf PVLA workers from the list.

Committees are how activists cooperate voluntarily on projects that interest them without having to gather the whole group together. We have a lot of different activities and I can just call them committees for clarity (or confusion). So, if you see your name on a committee, don't panic. You are not being drafted into more chores. This is merely recognition of past service. I will try to define what I see already exists.

Committees are inescapable. If we are organized (and I believe we are) then we have committees. I thought about this some today. I believe that the committees are actually structured but undefined. I hope to clarify this now. Remember, this is merely my interpretation of the situation. Your mileage may vary.

INTERNET COMMITTEE: Anything having to do with websites and e-mail. Also includes reposting of newsletters and finding and sharing cool liberty stuff from the net.

MAILING COMMITTEE: Manage databases. Stuff envelopes. Distribute literature, etc.

OPH COMMITTEE: Booths and tables. Outreach efforts.

MEDIA COMMITTEE: Newspaper, videos, public access, flyers, and other such promotions.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Arranging speakers for PVLA meetings. And conversely, arranging for members to speak at other events.


I'm sure some folks have made contributions which are not credited here. I didn't hope to cover every activity. So, forgive me if I left someone out.

I believe that these are some of the ones we have, but there are others that we need. The most important one would be a government committee. We need people who work to change the system. Calling/writing/e-mailing legislators. Going to City Hall. Keeping tabs on Big Brother here in our area. After all, we are a political entity.

We could have a t-shirt committee or any other project like that. I believe that having a committee (chairman) to report at the meeting would add some more business to the business meetings. Also, more work might get done. Comments?